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Caring Transitions Durango Provides Innovative Online Estate Auctions Through CT Bids

Discover our unique online estate auction platform for estate sales in Bayfield, CO and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions is a leading service provider that specializes in a multitude of transition services including downsizing, relocation, auctions and estate sales. Caring Transitions recognizes that relocation and downsizing can be incredibly challenging. They noticed that they were in need of a solution for clients who did not have much time to spare or lacked the resources to host an estate sale in-person. Caring Transitions recognized this need and created CT Bids, an innovative application that enables online estate auctions.

Getting Started with CT Bids

The first step is scheduling a meeting with the Caring Transitions of Durango team for a free in-home consultation. Our transition specialists will survey the items that you would like to list. Our team is happy to help you photograph and list each item to make this process as stress-free as possible. Once your items are listed, they will begin selling on our online estate auction platform and you can continue with your daily life without the interruptions that a typical estate sale entails.

How does pricing work on CT Bids?

One of the most unique features CT Bids provides is a vast array of options for pricing your items. Our online estate auctions are customizable to meet your specific needs, making it simple to set up and monitor your estate sale.

A few of the options available for pricing are as follows: 

- Auction: Auctions allow users to compete and offer more money to win the item and it will be sold to the highest bidder.

- Fixed Price: This pricing option allows you to set a specific asking price for the item and the first customer to agree to your price will receive the item. 

- Classified Ad: Classified Ads offer more real-estate in front of the users by showcasing the item’s image, description, price and shipping cost. This will make the items more prominent, bringing more interest and potential buyers to the item. Once the item sells, the ad will be removed.

- Buy Now: This option makes the item available for complete purchase instantly at a specific price. All fixed-price items are also Buy Now items.

- Reserve: If an auction sounds like a good pricing method for your item but you are concerned about it selling for lower than its value, Reserve pricing is the ideal solution. Reserve pricing allows you to set a secret price that bidders are unable to see. If the secret price has not been met by the end of the auction, you are able to restart the auction or consider the highest bidder’s offer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the CT Bids application and how Caring Transitions Durango can help you set up your online estate auction, contact us directly at 970-884-3457 to schedule a free consultation. You can also contact our transition specialists through our online contact form. Our team is happy to help you and your loved ones through this transition!